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High rise fires are one of the greatest challenges the fire service will face. New technologies are created to mitigate these challenges by introducing new advanced tactical options. Be prepared for the worse because it’s not s matter of if as much as it is a matter of when. Have that option before it becomes this!!




NIST in cooperation with the Fire Department of New York City, the Chicago Fire Department, the Fire Protection Research Foundation and New York University Polytechnic, demonstrated alternate means of reducing the fire hazard for both firefighters and building occupants by using new tools to control the fire from the floor above or the floor below the fire floor. Hence a good defensive operation became a great offensive operation. The HEROPipe System can be deployed in any high-rise structure when conventional exterior tactics are impossible.







Sprinkled or not, does your fire department have the right tools?

Recent past high-rise fires prove that once interior fire attack options are impossible that the fire “WILL” burn for several hours increasing the risk to life and property damage. Fire Departments repeated train to “STOP” the fire but do they have all the right tools!

Trained set up in less than 2 minutes! The HEROPipe System is placed into position and on “Stand By” ready if interior conditons prevent firefighters from entering the fire floor. This the 1st defensive (confine) /Offensive (extinguish) tactical option when a large scale high-rise fire when the fire is out of the reach of exterior aerial water streams. When needed this high-rise technology will save lives and hundreds of millions in property damage. Several of the largest cities in the US train with this system, ready for deployment during the next accidental fire or intentional high-rise event! Is your city protected?




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Conventional fire tactics- Exterior high-rise “None” HEROPipe tactics – “High-rise Emergency Response Offensive” Conventional fire timeline-several hours;100 Million in property damage HEROPipe timeline – 30 minutes; 90% reduction in property damage
Conventional tactics – 240 apartments damaged or destroyed
High-rise firefighting requires the latest High-rise tactical equipment!








Squad 1, Chicago Fire Department drilling with The HEROPipe System to be prepared to manage the next major high-rise fire in Chicago.







HEROPipe systems are now available for delivery 2019. High rise city fire departments need a Plan “B” for a major high rise event.




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