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HEROPipe Base Unit

The Hero Pipe System was designed to be transported in elevators as with most other equipment. In the event that all elevators are disabled, the Hero Pipe System can be transported up stairwells.
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The Hero Pipe System was designed to handle nearly the maximum GPM that a standpipe system can deliver. The pressure is easily monitored and controlled when operating the Hero Pipe System.
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Front End Wheels

The Hero Pipe System operations are conducted from the floor below. Opening the stairwell doors below the fire incident would not introduce toxic combustion products into the stairwells. The firefighter now has the added advantage of utilizing any standpipe on any floor in the structure.
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Sidewinder™ EXM Monitor

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The Hero Pipe System, for the first time, introduces a trustworthy, dependable option deployed from the protection of the floor below the fire. This floor below, exterior option gives the advantage of applying water or agents directly on the fire at the point where it is feeding on air.
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